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Adyashanti and the States of Consciousness Model

December 3, 2013

Adyashanti – True Meditation part 2 of 3


18:10 “Before we find out what we actually are, first we must find out what we’re not. We could call this the Way of Subraction. In the Christian tradition they call this via negativa: the negative path. In the Hindu tradition of Vedanta, they call this the path of “neti neti”. Neti neti means “not this, not that”. Basically, these are all paths of subtraction.

-20 “…  you start to see, there are thoughts but you are the witness of your thoughts. So you are not your thoughts. … there is something more primary that is watching the thoughts. In the same way, there are feelings…. and there is the witness of the feelings. … There is also awareness of those beliefs. And we all know that our beliefs change. …


-30:20 “We are actually finding out what is the essential nature of ourself. Bodies and minds and and beliefs and feelings are like clothing the spirit puts on, or awareness puts on; and we’re finding out what’s underneath this clothing. … And it can be quite radical, quite transformative, to realize that you are not antything that you ever thought you were. That you are not your beliefs, you’re not your personality, you’re not your ego. You are something other than this. You are something that resides and remains on the inside; on the innermost part of your being. Right now, for the moment, we’re calling that awareness itself. 31:19”

-31:49 “This is such a leap that the mind can’t make it. Thought cannot comprehend what’s beyond thought. … This is a transcendent recognition; a transcendent revelation. It’s actually our identity waking up from the prison of separation to its true state. And this is actually  an extraodinarily simple recognition but extraordinarily profound. It might come in the beginning for some people as a very quick flash. It recognized that you have actually always been this awareness that been watching from the inside all along. You may have it as a very quick flash….  Or it may flash upon you and it may last for a longer period of time. For some people it flash within them and it may stay that way indefinitely.””

-33 “Now matter how it comes, it is important to realize that this is not something the mind decides upon. This is a flash of revelation.”

-34:30 “taking back our identity from thought, from ego”

36: “its also equally important to realize that although we are taking back, or extracting our identity, out of thought and feeling and personality, we are not denying or disassociating  ourselves from thought or personiality or belief. …  This is simply a way of getting identity to wake up from the dream of separation. But even when it wakes up there is still a body there, there is still a personality there, tehre is still a rudimentary ego structure there.?

-37 “who we are is now resting in its essence. who we are is no longer found in our body, mind, personality, thoughts and beliefs. Who we are rests in its source.

-38 “When we extract our identity from them our whole human experience starts the process of coming into a natural harmony … we are not divided against ourselves. Of course it may not immediately come into this harmony in the deepest possible way. But certainly the journey begins, where even on a human level, we come into a harmony of body and mind. ”





-40m “even though spiritual begins as finding who we’re not, that is not where spirituality ends …. Because there is also the necessity of what I call the Great Inclusion. So after we have subtracted ourselves, pulled our identity out of thought and belief and personality and ego, simply by seeing that there is someting more primary.  Simply by seeing that there is someting more primary, identity begins to come out of it.  And eventually rests in awareness itself.”

-”much more free to identify yourself as awareness than to identify yourself as a thought form [such as the idea “I am awareness”].”

41:30 “We should also not get stuck in a new concept, in a new way of identifying ourselves neccessarily simply as awareness. Because another word for awareness could be spirit. Because awareness is something that has no form, no shape, no color. It has no gender, it has no age, it had no beliefs. And awareness itself  is also of the nature of spirit. Spirit simply means … a beingness, a sense of aliveness. An awareness that has no shape, no form, no color, no gender.  It is transcendent of all of those. That is spirit. That within us which transcends all our forms.”

42:44 “Now the Way of Inclusion we start to notice that awareness or spirit is not resisting thoughts … feelings … personality, ego.”

43:30 “And so when you start to notice that there is this prescence of awareness within you. this presence of awareness that is what you actually are; and then you start to notice that this presence of awareness is not trying to change your humanness. It’s not trying to alter you. Just as important, it’s not trying to alter others. It’s something that’s totally inclusive. [44m] – “It’s a state of being is where everything is OK simply the way it is.”

44:30 “It’s an amazing revelation for a human being to realize that their true nature, as awareness or spirit, their true nature is not trying to change their human nature. That allows the human nature to rest; to no longer feel separate from its source; when it realizes that its source is not trying to alter it. … We start to feel a unity within ourselves.”

-45:13 “Because ultimately there is no dividing line between awareness/spirit and ego/personality. … When we start to let go into awareness or spirit, we start to recognize that that’s who and what we really are. We start to see that everything in existence is actually simply a manifestation of spirit. It’s an expression of spirit. Whether it’s the chair you’re sitting on, or the floor you’re lying on… the shoes you wear … everything is an expressoin of spirit. The trees outside, the sky…. In the same way, that body you call you…”

-46:28 “Now when our identification is caught in these various forms, that’s suffering. Then we feel separate.  But when through enquiry and meditation our identity starts to come back to its home ground as awareness/spirit itself, then everything is included. Everything starts to be seen as a manifestation of spirit. Including your personality, including your humanness with all of its strengths, with all of its weaknesses. Your humanness is in no way separate from the divinity within you which you actually are.  … I call this the Way of Inclusion….”

-stopped at 47:33 – listened lightly to the rest

54:40 “It’s the beginning of a new way of life. Instead of a life lived from the separate ego, the illusion of the egoic personality, it’s the beginning of a life lived from a conscious recognition of our true nature as spirit. And that’s a truly new life. … it’s not the end of spirituality as some people think. It’s actually the beginning of a new way of life. It’s the beginning of … the ongoing discovery…. what is it to recognize that you’re spirit appearing as a human being. That is a journey all and of itself. ….  it’s what I call life after awakening.


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